Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jett's last day. Updated: NOT

That's right, Jett is being released from the hospital today!

We can't wait to bring him home and experience the "new improved" Jett. We would like to thank everyone for their prayers, support and kind words. We appreciate all of you keeping Jett in your thoughts, and for visiting this blog. I'm still going to post every day as I always have, and besides the standard Durkinworks news, I will be updating you on Jett's progress as it happens. Please continue to stop by when you can, and thanks again.

Updated: The staff at the hospital have decided to keep Jett a few more days. He's okay, but because we live so far from the hospital, they would rather be safe than sorry, and are going to let him heal a bit longer before he goes home.

More to come...

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Lucinda said...

Thanks so much for your updates! I check several times during the day to see how Jett is doing. So glad he is going home! Tell Andi we've been praying for little Jett and you guys! I know there are many miles between us but if there is ANYTHING we can do please let us know!

Love and Prayers!!
Lucinda and family from Cherryville, NC