Monday, October 10, 2011

Muppet Monday: one man's trash is another man's Muppet

I'm only a few days away from the deadline to submit my pieces for the Muppet, Puppet and Marionette Art Festival. I've completed two already. The third is almost finished.

I actually teased it the other day. This box of junk is going to be repurposed as art featuring several of the Muppet characters. The idea was to portray the characters while not necessarily hiding the object. I wanted the viewer to be able to clearly see what the Muppet was made from.
I turned the football into Kermit. I cut the football in half and painted it green. I used craft foam for the collar.

I ripped some eyes off of an old plush Kermit and stuck them to the face.

Here's the end result. There are four other Muppets joining Kermit on the final piece, which I will be posting here tomorrow!

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