Sunday, January 02, 2011

Last year's resolutions: The Verdict

Every year, most people make some sort of New Year's resolution. It's likely at some point throughout the year, the resolution will inevitably be broken (sometimes the same day its made). I really like New Year's resolutions, and stick to them for the most part. There's a certain level of discipline involved that I aspire to and a great deal of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment when I am faithful to my yearly challenges.

Last year I made several resolutions. Let's see how I did.
1. Post more on the blog. 
 I went so far as to promise to post EVERY SINGLE DAY last year. A herculean task in my mind, and despite funerals, traveling, Jett being born, non-stop busy days at doctor's appointments and work, computer failure, illness and other distractions I, in fact, posted EVERY SINGLE DAY. This was huge for me. It was amazing to see what I was capable of.
2. Attend more conventions. 
I was an attending artist at MegaCon and went to Star Wars Celebration. Missed the ISCA convention, but two cons a year isn't so bad.

3. Publish more books.
I promised a return to Black Cat Bone. Didn't happen. But I did do a Durkin's Dragon's: Parodies and Tributes book, and illustrated two children's books, due out some time in 2011.
4. Increase my presence on the web. 
Well, I sort of got this one right. I suppose daily posting on this blog didn't hurt. My presence on Facebook helped as well. I'll be getting a new computer soon, which should really turn a lot of things around for me.
5. Lose weight.
*crickets chirping*
Not so bad eh? A few missteps here and there, but for the most part, a stellar performance. I'm especially proud my daily blog posts. Tomorrow, I'll share my 2011 resolutions (way to stretch things out). See you then!

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