Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Megacon Orlando '07 wrapup

Had a great time at Megacon this year. I was very inspired by the artwork I saw and I'm excited to finish issue one. I didn't take too many pictures, and have only a few appropriate enough to show here. When I wasn't walking around talking myself out of buying EVERYTHING, and looking at the artists in artist's alley, I was helping Michael Duron watch his table and visiting with the gang at Ka-Blam and Indyplanet.

This is their booth, I took this from reaaaalllllllly far away, but that's Jenny and Barry Gregory and Rene and Thomas Florimonte. They're going to publish Black Cat Bone for me, the first issue coming out some time in the year 2015 or so.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

MegaCon Orlando 2007

This weekend is MegaCon. I'll be there Saturday and Sunday supporting my friends Barry and Jenni Gregory and Thomas Florimonte and Mike "Locoduck" Duron. Come geek out with us. I'll have a full report on Monday. (by Monday I mean Wednesday.)