Thursday, September 03, 2015

Father of the Brood.

Against my better judgement and despite the mountains upon mountains of actual work I have, I've decided to do an online comic. 
Ladies and gentlemen, I present Father of the Brood
A few years ago, I started drawing cartoons that depicted my family. They were mostly for my wife and I, as a light-hearted therapeutic break from the stress and frustration we were feeling as parents of a baby. I shared them online and called them "Durkin's Droppings". I did about 40 of them, and they were received well. Then life got in the way. We moved, had another child, and the cartoons were put on hiatus. But I kept writing them in the hopes of bringing them back someday. I'm happy to say the cartoon has returned. It's been renamed "Father of the Brood" and I've redesigned the characters to something more appealing and I've been redrawing the first batch of cartoons to reflect the change and hopefully be more consistent looking from panel to panel. For those of you who have seen "Durkin's Droppings" I apologize. You will be seeing some cartoons you've seen before. But once I get caught up, it will be all new. I hope to post three a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'll have them here and on the website I'm still working on the site, there's a lot of bugs and issues, but I'll get it all sorted out. Be sure to go there, poke around, check out the blog and ask questions. I don't know where this journey is going to take me, but I appreciate you joining me on the ride!