Monday, June 17, 2013

Duck Dynasty Caricature Cartoon T-shirts are EVERYWHERE!

Whew! A lot can happen in a month! After 12 1/2 years of living in Florida, I have moved back to Wisconsin. It's great to be back home. My wife Andi is 8 months pregnant, and I'm settling in to the exciting life of a freelance artist. My Duck Dynasty shirts have expanded to include more of my cartoon designs and more retailers! 

There are currently 5 of my designs available on 6 shirts at Walmart: 

This Duck Dynasty shirt of the boys in a boat and the "Boys Will be Boys" design are available on blue shirts in the boy's section at Kohl's:

...and this design, previously available only in light tan is now offered on an olive shirt in men's, as is the yellow shirt with Si for boy's at Shopko: 

My artwork is showing up everywhere! I'm so overwhelmed and humbled. Please contact me if you find other designs that you think are mine, or see these shirts at other retailers. As always, keep coming back for more updates!