Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Only slackers post once a month.

Guess that shows you what I am. But I have been busy, with fun and profitable results. At least I have a few things to share with you; just some more random stuff.
The reluctant grandpa. A recent sighting at one of the resorts. Someone please help him.Staying true to my Irish heritage. One of my distant relatives


I want this on a T-shirt. My birthday is September 27th. I wear a large.


Keelan Parham said...

Great drawings. About time!

Love the gator. Would like it better without the white airbrushy highlights, but that's just me. Even with those, I'm definitely stealing this one!

Hey, wasn't SOMEBODY gonna do an animal tutorial over on the CC Blog? Somebody whose kids are going out of town for a week? So he'll have lots of time on his hands?


Trudy said...

wow! i meant... wow!
Mr Durkin, great posts u have!
i was looking for examples of caricature when i stumbled here.
recently i have a job on caricature, so i need to do some researchs,
any tips? =)