Sunday, November 16, 2008

Links Spotlight: Sebastian Kruger

On your right, you will see a group of links. These links are reserved for inspiring artists and close friends. From time to time I'm going to feature someone from the links. Today is Mr. Sebastian Kruger.

When it comes to caricature, there is Sebastian Kruger and then there's everyone else. He's a master, plain and simple. I have a signed print of one of his Keith Richards caricatures proudly displayed in my living room.
His current works are of particular interest to me. He did a series of blues musicians. Check out his B.B. King:

Here's John Lee Hooker:

Here's Sebastian and I at the 2003 NCN convention.

Be sure to check out Sebastian's link to the right, and stay tuned for the next Links Spotlight.


JimmyPereira said...

I appreciate his realism, but what about his exaggeration? Is he doing straight portraits now? He usually really messes with people's faces.

Mandy said...

It doesn't matter he is amazing at both.

JimmyPereira said...

Very true! Very true! I've gotta meet this guy at a NCN convention some time.

JimmyPereira said...

I'm officially blown away!! I just found out this guy did these in ACRYLIC!!

Kenny Durkin said...

Jimmy, I have an Airbrush Action magazine from 1998 that has a cover story about Kruger. The funny thing is, Kruger doesn't use an airbrush, a fact that is even mentioned in the article. They just featured him because he's so cool.