Friday, September 24, 2010

Woodman's: Quintessential Wisconsin

Woodman's is a grocery store chain based out of Wisconsin. They have several locations, one less than a mile from my parent's house where we are currently staying.

I don't think I could accurately convey the vast scope of the store. Square footage-wise, it's roughly the size of your average Wal-Mart, but with all groceries. Living in Florida, grocery shopping is frustrating because I have to buy my food from several different stores due to prices, products and availability. Woodman's takes care of all of that. It's one-stop grocery shopping at its finest. Food is one of the major focuses of attention in my household, so I felt I just has to take Andi to experience Woodman's for herself.

Beyond the normal grocery store fare, Woodman's boasts a ridiculously wide selection of Wisconsin staples. For example,
this entire aisle... nothing but sausage.

The cheese is located in this aisle,
and this aisle,
and this aisle.
On the other hand, much to Andi's delight, Woodman's has an extensive organic section with organic and local produce and more organic items than your average Whole Foods. We were only able to stop by for a few minutes, but since Woodman's is open 24 hours, we may be making a midnight visit just to stroll the aisles and take in the yummy goodness.

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Location:Wisconsin 50,Kenosha,United States

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Steve Hearn said...

Wow what a COOL store! Have fun you guys and please do say hi to Daddy Durkin for me!