Sunday, April 07, 2013

2013 Muppet Madness Tournament poster

This is a fun picture I did for Steve Swanson. He runs the Muppet-related podcast Muppetcast and organizes the annual Muppet Madness Tournament.

 "The Tournament is a parody of the NCAA March Madness Tournament, in which selected Muppet characters face off and advance in rounds, based on fans' online voting support. Muppet Madness begins on March 19, the same day as the NCAA tournament, and concludes on April 8, when the Muppet Madness Champion will be named."

The poster is of course based on old boxing posters. I was provided with the Muppet Madness logo and the final two contestants. I drew the characters and made up the rest of the text myself. Eagle-eyed Muppet fans will notice several inside jokes on the poster.

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