Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Live caricature entertainment.

In addition to the studio illustration I do, I also draw carictures live at events like company parties, birthdays, picnics, Holiday parties, etc. I've been doing it since 1999 and I love it.

Here are a few recent examples of my live caricature work:

This fun young couple wanted to be drawn as zombies!

 A fun guy at a company event.

 This one was amazing. I drew every member of a 61-person family at their reunion on one sheet of paper. So much fun!

This was from a super-secret caricature "gig" at Catalano Square in Milwaukee today. I was hired to draw ONE picture, but a very special one. I was to set up in the park as if I was drawing caricatures for the public, and when this gentleman came by with his girlfriend, I would offer to draw them. Little did she know, he was using the caricature as a means to propose to her! She was surprised when I showed it to her. I've done these many times before when i drew caricatures at Disney World and they're always fun. Oh, and by the way, she said "yes".

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