Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sketch Infectus.

Yesterday I received my copy of Sketch Infectus by Joe Bluhm. Joe is an amazing and talented artist. I first got to know him through the National Caricaturist Network, where in his first year attending, he deservedly won the award for Caricature Artist of the Year. Joe has a fearless style and incredible eye. His first book, Rejects chronicles his live caricature work. Now with Sketch Infectus, his second book, Joe shows us my favorite part of being an artist, the creative process.

Sketchbooks are a vital key to the growth of an artist. They give the artist the opportunity to draw without bounds, make mistakes and brainstorm. Most importantly, these sketches aren't done for money or fame, rather they are done simply for the joy of drawing.
While looking at my own sketchbooks, I can chart my progress as an artist. I can see the seeds of ideas and reflect on new places to explore. It gets me motivated and excited about being an artist.
The same is true for when I view other artist's sketchbooks. There is so much inspiration to be found in those lines. Joe's book is no exception. He draws everything from people, to cars, to animals and other creatures. Some of his sketches are realistically rendered, others are simple, fun doodles. All are a fascinating insight into the creative mind of a remarkable artist.

As a gift for pre-ordering the book, I got a free sketch ripped directly from one of Joe's sketchbooks. I know they were picked and inserted randomly, but I was pleased when I found this sketch packaged with my book.

Three words: Julia Louis Dreyfus. My all-time favorite Hollywood crush. Thanks Joe!


Joe Bluhm said...

Kenny- I had no idea you had a crush on Julia! That's so fitting. (I had/have a crush on her, as well!)

Glad you like the book, Kenny- you're an inspiration as well.

Kenny Durkin said...

Thanks Joe! And might I add, not only does the book look great, but it smells fantastic!