Saturday, November 21, 2009

Live caricature gigs: In the chair

After doing some digging, I found a few more live caricatures I've done. These are all from different, random gigs. I'm going to see if I can find some color work to show you...This gig was a 16th birthday party for a girl who was a fan of Phantom of the Opera. All of the guests wore masks, which seemed to bring out some of the guest's inhibitions, like this fella here.

She wasn't a very happy subject, but I drew her happy anyway.

This gentleman was smoking a cigar, and refused to take it out of his mouth while I drew him. The caricature looked like him until I finished it, and he took the cigar out of his mouth and started laughing. Then his whole face changed. Oh well..

Here's another example of the crowd coming up with an idea after I already draw the picture. They shouted out "He's a golfer!" so I just drew the golf ball hitting him in the head.

I really wished I could have gone a lot further with this one, but I wanted to be invited back for future gigs...

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Steve Hearn said...

Hot dang diggerty Kenny, these are EXCELLENT! Hey, check your email, I sent you the podcast so you can add it to your iTunes & iPod'Phone