Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recent gig caricatures

I'm taking a break from the shameless plugging today to share some of my recent caricature gig pics. Enjoy it while you can, because the money-grubbing returns tomorrow!

College Program girl. She was a singer. Any time someone says they're a singer, I try to get them to sing for me in exchange for the caricature. They never do. Divas...
This was at a retirement party for this guy. His buddies always greeted him with "Party on Wayne" even though his name was Bill and he didn't look like Mike Myers. Inside joke I guess.

Too often at caricature gigs, the crowd will give you information about the subject way too late, and you have to try to fit that idea into your original theme. This gentleman's catch phrase was "Tuck and roll", a detail revealed to me by the audience only after I drew him doing a cannonball. Whew, that one worked out in my favor!

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