Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Sometimes I'm not allowed to dress myself...

Occasionally at caricature gigs I am required to dress in costume. I don't mind, it comes with the territory and is part of "show" business. It's actually kinda fun. I've found some of my favorites from the past.
This is the most recent one, from a private family party which had a pirate theme. I even sat in a makeup chair to have my "dirt" applied.

This was a sparkly shirt provided for me at a 1960's themed gig. Thankfully, I got to wear the black shirt. Here I am with some artist friends at the gig with me, and their unfortunate pink and purple shirts.

For this gig, I was provided with a gorilla costume! I saved my dissatisfaction with the costume for backstage, as this photo indicates. I had a mask and gorilla hands to wear as well, but both were impossible to draw caricatures in.

Finally, here is my costume for when I draw caricatures at Disney's Animal Kingdom. That's special guest artist Steve Hearn next to me.

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