Saturday, January 09, 2010


Greek mythology tells the story of Sisyphus. He was the cruel king of Corinth, the "craftiest of men" according to the ancient Greeks. His trickery, deceit and avarice was so vile that he was punished by the gods to forever roll a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll back down to the bottom before he could ever reach the top. He repeated this task for eternity, the mindlessness of the task driving him mad. Sometimes I get to feeling like ol' Sisyphus. Constantly pushing that big ball of stuff up the hill, struggling to keep it from rolling down and crushing me. Then I remember that life's about the journey. It's not about the ball of stuff, but the trek up the mountain that counts. I have to pause and enjoy the view while going up that mountain, and never let that ball of stuff beat me. I'm stronger than the boulder of distractions and road blocks. These things that are laid out in front of me are only challenges to be won, not obstacles to defeat me. I must always remind myself to refuse to give up, to be patient, persevere, work hard and never get discouraged.


Michael Duron said...

I have this strange urge to start singing Hannah Montana's "The Climb."
Love the illo by the way!

Steve Hearn said...

Thats the spirit! Keep on truckin bro!

Angela said...

great image!