Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jettwatch: Day 3

Noon: Jett has been up since about 7:30 a.m. He looks great!

The lines have been removed from his arms now. He still has tubes and lines in his chest and legs.

We've had to put a shirt on him because he keeps trying to rip all of the tubes and lines out.
We are told that although Jett could be released as early as tomorrow, because we live so far away from the hospital, it is more likely that he will be released early next week.

4:00 p.m. -From field reporter Andi:

Hasn't eaten in a while which concerns nurse b/c she gave lots of diarrtics.
Gave morphine b/c will take out more tubes & wires. Then when he wakes from morphine will try to breastfeed. If he doesn't eat then will have to insert feeding tube! Hopefully will get appetite back! Was eating ravenously before this morning & playing.

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Anonymous said...

Wow he really does look great! What a little trooper! Hugs and kisses from Beeka and Papa.

Anonymous said...

Jett really does look great! What a little trooper. Hugs and kisses from Beeka and Papa

Michael "Locoduck" Duron said...

Been following the posts and praying lots for you guys. His amazing work so far is just more proof how awesome the little guy is!

Anonymous said...

Jett looks great although he looks like he is wondering what's going on! He is the cutest little guy and I am so glad he is doing well.Thanks for posting his progress.I totally forget my username and password so I will have to be anonymous! Jenn Pennick

Steve Hearn said...

He is a real trooper and such a great guy! He will soon be back on Dunkin Doughnuts! Lots of love to you guy's xx

Red from Ktown said...

Awww! He sure doesn't look like he likes the restraints!! :(