Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jettwatch: Final wrapup.

Jett is back from the hospital. Although we are glad he had the surgery and were treated quite well, we're glad to be home. We're trying to get caught up on everything now, including sleep (we "may" have slept until noon today).

All-Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg far exceeded our expectations. The staff was amazing! We really felt more like guests, as opposed to patients or customers. So many times in these situations, you are treated like a number rather than a person. Not so at this hospital. They took what was a highly emotional and stressful event and made it so easy for us to handle.

I also fell in love with St. Petersburg itself. It's nearly two hours from where we live, but I'll definitely be back. I found out Florida's largest new and used book store is only a few miles from where we were at the hospital. It's called Haslam's Book Store and from what I've read, it's worth the trip.

This is the view from Jett's hospital room. The football-shaped structure jutting out of the hospital at the bottom of the photo is the cafeteria.
Also visible from Jett's room is the Salvador Dali Museum (indicated by the red arrow), another reason for me to go back to St. Petersburg.

Nearly every light switch and electrical outlet at the hospital was red. Every time I went to use one, I would pause, thinking a bunch of sirens and alarms would go off and the whole building would be alerted, which gave me a great idea...
Paint all of the outlets and switches in your house RED. That way people will be afraid to use them, and you'll save money on your electric bill!

Well, that about wraps up Jett's hospital visit. Be sure to tune in often, as I will be interspersing the regular Durkinworks stuff with the latest from Jett.

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Red from Ktown said...

Why were the outlet fixtures red? Did you ask?