Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stephen Silver's sketchbook vol. 2 Available NOW

When I arrived at my house after my trip to Wisconsin, among the mail waiting for me was Steve Silver's Sketchbook 2.
 I love Steve's books and own them all. I look at them often because they are so inspiring to me, and his newest addition is no exception. The majority of the sketches in his latest book were drawn on his lunch breaks, or while he was at a restaurant and are primarily candid drawings of his fellow patrons. Among the drawings are Steve's notes to himself reminding him to remember the fundamentals and pushing himself further. If you're any kind of artist, I highly recommend picking up Stephen Silver's Sketchbook 2 and Steve's previous books here. Check out the promo video.

Isn't he cute?
By the way, Steve designed the art bag that he sports in this video and sells it. That's at the tippy top of my Christmas list (hint hint).

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