Friday, January 14, 2011

The little green mermaid.

I'm posting this picture today not because it's a particularly good caricature (it's not), but because of the refreshingly unique little girl I drew, Rory.

Rory literally had a style all her own. Like most four year old girls, she was most interested in being drawn as a mermaid. But Rory had a few special requests. Her favorite color was green, and not only did she want a green tail and top, but green lips and hair too. Her mother instantly approved and I quickly realized this was no ordinary little girl. We talked for a while, I found out she dressed up like a Skeksis for Halloween. They're a creature from the movie The Dark Crystal. You know, one of these guys:

This year she's going to be a werewolf. Not a princess or a kitty...a werewolf!

It was incredibly encouraging to encounter a child so boldly embracing her individuality. She was completely unencumbered by conformity, and she had the full support of her parents. We need more Rorys in this world!

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