Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve 2009: Out with the old...

2009. What a long, strange, wonderful trip it's been! I think this year ranks up there among the most pivotal and important years of my life. I got married to the woman of my dreams, conceived a child (due in the next few months), was embroiled in a highly emotional but completely necessary legal battle, and established a the next stage of my freelance career.
Last year at this time, I set some goals for 2009. You can view them here. Let's see how I did.
1.Post more on the blog: Granted, I was certain I would be in the triple digits, well over a hundred posts. I ended up with 91, pretty close.
2. Publish more: Black Cat Bone took a year sabbatical. In the meantime, I started Durkin's Dragons, which produced an art book and a calendar. I also partnered with Angela Larson of Fierce Fun Toys to illustrate Norman Phartephant Book 1.
3. Attend more cons: I was a guest artist at MegaCon in Orlando this year, I attended the Animation Supercon in Miami and the ISCA convention in Ohio.
4. Lose more weight/Get in shape: Okay, I started out the year great, but when my wife and I found out she was pregnant and I was going through some other issues, I gained back all the weight I had lost. I eat great; organic natural food, no high-fructose corn syrup, no palm oil, no white flour, for the most part, I've cut out soft drinks, alcohol and junk food. I just need to get ACTIVE!
5. Get a website: Also a miss, although I have updated the blog considerably with many more features and I've increased my presence on the web in other areas.
So, not bad I suppose. There are some things I'm doing right, and other's that are areas of opportunity. That's what life is all about: recognizing your accomplishments and always trying to grow and learn. Tomorrow I'll talk about my plans for 2010. Enjoy the celebrations tonight and I'll see you here tomorrow!


Angela said...

Are you kidding! You've done a ton this year!
A marriage is a huge change for everyone in the family, the new addition - Wow! those are enough, but add to that continuing to be creative, and creative in not the old ways, but bringing on new projects like dragons and working with crazy other people...bud, stand up and take a bow!

Now nobody gets everything done, because when we do, we add more to the list. So go forth, conquer! Work the blog, websites are not the standard anymore, and keep the creativity flowing as the talent is there!

Steve Hearn said...

You have done great and I am VERY proud of my best buddy & bro! About the website, if you get a chance to buy a Mac & get a mobile Me account, you can build and publish your website easily from the computer! See you all in August when we invade you!

Kenny Durkin said...


Thanks for the pep talk.


I'm planning on getting a Mac laptop some time this year. Just saving up for it!