Saturday, February 05, 2011

DSFF Bowl-A-Thon and Jett update.

Hey Everyone!
Durkin's Dragons has raised $575 for the DS foundation! Yeah! Thanks!! We have one more week before the event. If we raise $1000, we are eligible to be placed in the grand prize drawing -- a FREE special needs trust for Jett. All of the money we raise will be used for scholarships for families: oral motor scholarships, education/IEP scholarships, community scholarships, scholarships to help with special needs trusts, swimming scholarships, etc. You can donate by clicking the image above or go right HERE.

In other news, Jett just got awarded a scholarship for his music class. The teacher is awesome (waaay overqualified to be teaching babies--but, hey--our gain!). They play music, "sing", & dance to help with all sorts of motor skills, social skills and general stimulation. Jett's a great ambassador for DS, loves the class and is already making friends. (He very gently pulled a big pink bow out of a little girl's hair but didn't make a fuss when mommy gave it back to her. Then she took one of his egg shakers [his are smaller to fit his little hands and are different colors than the others] and they've been best buds ever since.)

Jett's neurodevelopmentalist evaluated him Thursday and said that he's gained a whole year in the three months that she saw him last! The first time she saw him was just a couple of months after his surgery. He is only behind in two minor ways (over-expressed startle reflex and some fancy word for "fear of falling backwards"). He's not crawling up on hands and knees but she said that the army crawl is fine--his brain is still getting the proper stimulation necessary. She gave us lots of fun assignments to do with him including listening to Mozart in headphones, wearing dark glasses with little pin holes cut out in it (to aid with seeing details in pictures), crawling on an obsticle course, and blowing a hair dryer on his head (to help with sensory regulation and tactile reception).
Only a few weeks to go, and Jett will already be one year old!

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