Thursday, February 10, 2011

Norman Phartephant: the APP!

This is great news from Angela Larson at Fierce Fun Toys. I illustrated the Norman Phartephant books and now they are part of an app for the iPad and the iPhone. You can even get the first book for FREE!
The following information is from the Fierce Fun Toys website.

In collaboration with iVerse Media, Norman PhartEphant's stories are available for your iApp device (either iPad or iPhone).
If you visit iVerse's Comics+ store in the Apple Apps store and search for either Fierce Fun Toys or Norman PhartEphant, you'll find our stories.

The iPad format looks like our published books, the iPhone versions are more playful in that once you turn the phone sideways you will get a dialog box which is actually sized to be read by those of us over 40!
The Comics+ app is free, as is Norman PhartEphant, A New Zoo (or volume 1). The rest of the library is at minimal cost ($0.99/each) and will be growing over time! Let us know which stories you want next, more Norman or to add Harry and Ben.

The stories are true to words, meaning they are meant to be read and encourage reading. No animation, no extra sounds. Hey, kids love reading!
P.S. Need the Comics+ app address in long hand? Here you go;

So there you go. I downloaded the app and played around with it, and found it to be a lot of fun, especially tilting the iPhone to the side and seeing the different "version" of the story. Once you get the books be sure to rate them highly. The more popular the stories are, the better chance that more Norman stories will be added in the future.

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