Sunday, June 05, 2011

Star Wars Weekends 2011: Return of the Jedis

Alex and I went BACK to Star Wars Weekends yesterday. The fact that all of that extra Star Wars entertainment is FREE with admission is astounding, so when we had the opportunity to attend for the second time this year, we went. This time we were able to immerse ourselves a bit deeper in the festivities and were able to ride Star Tours three times.
Alex and a Tusken Raider.
Stormtroopers never smile, no matter what you do.
Ray Park, who played Darth Maul in Episode 1, was one of the celebrities in attendance and put on a fantastic martial arts display at his seminar. He even invited about 30 kids on stage and gave them all lightsabers to go home with.
One of the exclusive action figures for sale.

The culmination of the evening was the Hyperspace Hoopla, a stage show just on the cool side of cheesy. What an entertaining show! The audience was packed, but Alex made his way to the front to take some cool shots.
Check out the headband and shades on Chewie! That was for his dance number to the tune of Guns and Roses' Welcome to the Jungle. Turns out Wookiees can dance, but they can't sing. At all.

It's always nice to end the day with a "muffin as big as your head".

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