Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Johanna Veerenhuis

 I have to say, I was quite flattered when I saw a recent Facebook post by fellow artist Johanna Veerenhuis. She said,

 "I was inspired by Kenny Durkin and his dragon drawings. I realized dragons would give me creative freedom which is a delight in between the sculpting where you have to capture likeness etc. So there'll be more to come!"

Johanna posted a few pics of her latest sculpt, a cheeky she-dragon named Miss Letoe.

Inspiring Johanna is such an honor for me, and her work has inspired me as well. I know Johanna from the International Society of Caricature artists. Among her talents is 3-D caricature sculpting. You can see some more of her work here. Thanks Johanna!

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Johanna Veerenhuis said...

Wow Kenny, how nice!! Thank you so much!
You really inspired me, made me see how much FUN dragons are!! Every other sculpture I make now is a dragon. Just to relax my mind and stretch my fantasy. Thanks to YOU!!
It was wonderful seeing you in Florida, hope to see you in San Antonio as well!! Just a bit longer please... ;-)