Thursday, December 01, 2011

Oops the mouse: On sale now!

One of my favorite clients that I work for is Fierce Fun Toys. I've illustrated children's books and designed several toys for them, and I'll be working with them even more in 2012.

The large plush animals all have a unique feature. When you squeeze them, they make a funny bodily noise. Norman the Elephant (Phartephant) farts when you squeeze his tail. Harry the Koala hiccups, Ben the Hippo sneezes.

The latest character is Oops the Christmas mouse. It seems when Oops eats too much candy, he burps when you squeeze his tummy.

Oops is a 4 inch super soft plush with a key chain loop so he can travel with you.

I got to design Oops per the client's instructions.

Here's the turnaround.
This is the final product.

I also designed the art for the tag.

You can get Oops just in time for Christmas by clicking this link.


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