Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Durkinworks Blog: A neverending work-in-progress

I've been posting a lot of photos of the kids lately, and although they are Durkin-"works" as well, this blog was initially intended to be first and foremost, a showcase for my artwork. By promising to post every single day, the entries about my kids are inevitable. I love sharing my kids' accomplishments and activities with everyone, but my concern is the artwork aspect of this blog gets lost sometimes. I've decided to add more artwork to the right side of the blog to showcase my artwork even more. That way, no matter what the daily blog post is about, the blog is still chock-full of my artwork. I'm going to start with the "Close, personal friends of Durkinworks" section. I'm going to do a caricature of each person I'm linking to. I've completed Kelly Gannon's link as an example.
So every chance I get, I'm going to replace the text links with artwork and eventually the entire right side is going to be full of more Durkin "works". Watch out Steve Hearn, you're next!


jeffcarrier2001 said...

me me me mmmmmeeeese
Put me up there!

Kenny Durkin said...

You got it, my man.

Keelan Parham said...

Awesome idea. Can't wait to see mine!!!!