Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Wallet Situation

A few days ago, I lost my wallet. I can not convey how frustrated and violated I feel. My whole life was in that wallet, and I've had to spend the last few days replacing everything the best that I can.  The cash is non-replaceable, so that aspect wasn't even considered. The most important things were the driver's license, work I.D. and bank card. What I absolutely could not replace was the thing most precious to me: TIME. I've wasted so much TIME over the past two days replacing the important items in my wallet.
There's a sequence of events that had to happen. I needed my driver's license to get my bank card and my I.D., but I couldn't get my license without the $25 to reinstate the license, and I couldn't do that because I lost all of my cash and my bank card. I spent half the day looking for my birth certificate so I could get my license, and trying to scrounge together the cash I needed. Include an incredibly inefficient DMV experience into the mix, and it all adds up to tons of lost hours. I didn't even finish all of my errands Monday and had to add them to an already overbooked Tuesday.
But I eventually got "The Big Three" replaced, and upon completing that goal, I thought about what else was in the wallet. A Michael's gift card with a $26 balance, can't replace that. My library card, which can easily be replaced. My Border's book store card (they're going out of business, so no big loss there). Membership cards to various organizations and retailers, business cards, bits of info scribbled on scraps of paper. But I guess I'm saddest about my Green Day Cafe soup punch card. I was only two soups away from getting free soup (Stop laughing! The mushroom and brie soup is divine).

Of course, the next thing to consider replacing is the wallet itself. My last wallet, the one that I lost, was a gift from my daughter. My current wallet looks just like this:

The green rubber-band model. This will not do for very much longer.

A suitable replacement is necessary. But what kind of wallet should I get? I went online and it turns out, I have plenty of options. Here are a few of my favorites.

There's the waterproof wallet: I figure since I lost the wallet in the bathroom, a waterproof version might not be a bad idea.
 The duct tape wallet.
 The bacon wallet (for bringing home the bacon, get it?).
The toast wallet.
The LEGO wallet. LEGO!!!
 And the possible solution, the Comic Book Wallet. So many options...


Donna said...

Perhaps since your so talented you could fabricate your own combining some of your artwork with duct tape! Don't show Garett the Lego wallet.... dispite the fact he has nothing to put in it he would want one!
My condolences to you on the loss of your wallet.... hopefully you'll get back to normal soon

Kenny Durkin said...

Thanks Sister D. I'm still not sure what direction I'm going in for the wallet, but I may upgrade from a rubber band to a Ziploc bag. Classy!

Jeffrey Carrier said...

Why don't we invent a chip to put in our wallets and cell phones like they do for dogs...then we could track down the buggers and beat them about the head and neck with a broken