Thursday, April 28, 2011

Steve Hearn's Sketch Club: Skull

The last subject for Steve Hearn's Sketch Club was a skull.

 Here's my sketch.

Once again, this exercise reminded me of art school. One time we were asked to bring objects from home to set up at school to draw from. Most of the students just brought what they normally carried with them, shoes, clothing, books, art supplies etc. I went the more creative and unusual route and not only brought a plastic skull from home, but a decommissioned hand grenade, an egg beater and a rubber chicken.

I was not well liked in art school.


Beeka said...

Funny you should mention that plastic skull--I happened to come across it as I was cleaning out your old studio in the basement, attempting to make space for an office for your dad. While there, I found a myriad of thingamajigs, dodads, whatchamacallits and various nostalgic items. I boxed them up just for yuks - (want me to bring them down in july??)

Kenny Durkin said...

Sure, bring 'em down! Sounds like fun! (be sure to save room for cheese curds)