Tuesday, May 10, 2011

...and found.

Two weeks ago, I lost my wallet.
If I only had to endure that stand-alone event I would have been okay, but the loss of said wallet created a snowball effect that proved to be frustrating and time-consuming. I  was pretty stressed out about replacing my driver's license and my work I.D., cancelling my bank card and contacting every single client and institution connected to my account and worrying about what else was in my wallet. Identity theft was a major concern so I had to shut down any opportunity of that happening as well. It took several days and a lot of work for me to recover but I was finally ready to close that chapter of my life and move on.
However, yesterday I received a phone call from a fellow artist telling me that a manager at the hotel where the wallet was lost was looking for me specifically and that my wallet, in fact, had been found!
Last night I retrieved the wallet from the front desk and reviewed its contents. The cash had been taken of course, but everything else was untouched. I was relieved to have the wallet back but the discovery of the lost wallet begs the question: "Why two weeks?'
Where had the wallet been for so long? Was it sitting on a desk in some office? Misplaced in a drawer? Overlooked in a pile of other lost and found items? It had to have been SOMEWHERE for the past 14 days. The manager had no answers except that he had just noticed it yesterday. I filled out a lost item card the second I knew it was lost and even filled out a police report. When it was found I received no direct communication. No phone call, no email, just second-hand information. Completely unacceptable. I really need to get to the bottom of this...

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