Saturday, May 14, 2011

Star Tours Preview

I remember the first time I rode Star Tours. It was 1989, the year Disney's Hollywood Studios (then MGM Studios) opened. I loved that park, which was a working television, motion picture and animation studio. The attractions were based on some of my favorite things, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and the Muppets. But Star Tours had a special place in my heart and I must have rode it a dozen times during that trip.
 Fast forward to 2011. I've been living here in Florida for 11 years and I've probably rode Star Tours over a hundred times. But the ride has become tired and outdated and with the making of the Star Wars prequels since Star Tours' inception, the ride was in need of a massive overhaul. Recently the attraction shut down to make way for an updated version.
 Next week, Disney will unveil Star Tours 2.0 during Star Wars Weekends. Alex, Kathy and I will be attending next Saturday and will get to ride the new Star Tours for the first time on it's debut weekend.
Today Alex and I went to the Florida Mall where Disney was promoting the ride and offering a preview.
As usual, Disney went all out. A large kiosk was set up in the middle of the mall. There were video screens everywhere promoting Star Tours.
See-Threepio and Artoo Detoo were on hand. I became my seven year old self again when Threepio interacted with me, asking my name and where I was from. I swear Anthony Daniels himself was in that costume!
 Minnie Mouse was there dressed as Princess Leia and Alex got his picture taken with Jedi Mickey .
We got free, exclusive Star Tours mouse ears and complimentary access to all of our photos online. Disney sure does know how to put on a show, and we can't wait to go to Hollywood Studios next weekend to see what else they have in store!

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