Friday, May 27, 2011

Out and about with Jett

Several times a week (and in many cases every single day of the week) we need to take Jett to his various appointments. We have a vast army of therapists, doctors and other specialists that are helping us keep him "on track". Yesterday for example we took him to his Chinese medicine expert Dr. Loi. She's been helping him with his basic development and has made remarkable progress. This current visit focused on his teething. He has a TON of teeth coming in and is in incredible pain. Jett was no less feisty, but considerably less crabby after she worked with him.
AFTER Dr. Loi and BEFORE his swimming lesson, we went to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. Jett demanded to sample some our miso soup as usual and especially enjoyed chewing the broccoli and carrots.

They felt good on his aching gums.
"Whoa Jett, calm down! We're in a restaurant!"

"Oh boy. Look at that floor! Guess I'd better tip the waiter a few extra bucks. I'M not cleaning that mess up! Good thing your next appointment is at the pool so we can clean YOU off!"


Angela said...

Wow! he is growing so much. What a handsome kid!

Laura said...

LOL about the tipping extra comment - I've done that before too!