Sunday, May 22, 2011

Star Wars Weekends 2011

After missing it the past couple years, Alex, Kathy and I returned to Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios. This year the park was celebrating the grand opening of the updated version of Star Tours.
We were able to ride the attraction twice. The lines both times were about 40 minutes long. Because of the random ride sequences that are built into the attraction, there are 54 different ride scenarios possible. The experience is so full of humor and little details that even if you repeat your journey, you'll always see something new. I have to say that the Star Tours update is outstanding! What a fun ride.
Star Wars weekends is a great opportunity to meet and greet the characters from the Star Wars Universe. Kathy, being the musician she is, clowned around with the Cantina Band.
All that was missing was the fifth member...

There he is. Musicians can be such divas sometimes.

Although he was willing to share the spotlight.

Alex and Kathy never pass up the opportunity to goof around.

...or strike a pose.

Star Wars Weekends is so much fun, and Alex and Kathy make it doubly so.

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Steve Hearn said...

Just another reason why I should be living and working with you guys in Orlando....!