Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So there's this revolutionary new gizmo coming out in mid-September called the Wacom Inkling.

Ink-to-digital pens are not necessarily a new idea, but what makes the Inkling unique is its 1024 levels of pressure. Basically, you can write on ANY surface; your sketchbook, illustration board, the kitchen table, the family dog, ANYTHING. The sketches can be saved IN LAYERS and even have the ability to be vectorized.

Finally an advance in technology that favors an old-school sketcher like me. I've never been able to make the leap to tablet drawing. I've always needed the tactile feeling of pen on paper. I think if this gadget works as well as Wacom says it does, it will be a game-changer.

Did I mention my birthday is September 27th?

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Ilea said...

I thought you told me your birthday was September 32? Don't lie now...