Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dark Mischief Kickstarter: Only a few hours left!

There are only a few hours left to contribute to Dark Mischief's Kickstarter campaign!

Dark Mischief will be released soon and it's a collection of short, spooky comic stories. "Dead Charlie and Zombie Bob", an original tale that I wrote and illustrated, is one of the stories featured in the book.

The Kickstarter campaign has been put into place in an effort to raise some funds to pay advances to the artists and writers who have contributed to this project. 100% of all proceeds from this campaign (after paying for the rewards themselves) go directly to the creators who contributed stories as advances on their royalties.

So as I said, there are only a few hours left, so if you have some extra change, go to the Dark Mischief Kickstarter page and donate, won't you?

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