Monday, October 03, 2011

Muppet Monday: t-shirt designs.

A few months ago I participated in the Muppet t-shirt design challenge and although my design did not win, I had a great time, and vowed that I would enter another Muppet design contest should one come along.
Well, one DID come along, this time at The call for entries just ended last night, and now the company is preparing for the voting process.
Contestants were allowed to submit up to five designs. I decided that I would design one exclusively for the competition, and enter another design that I had done previously just for fun.
This is the design I did just for the contest. I call it "It's time to get things started", taken from the lyrics from the Muppet Show. I pictured the gang in a mad dash to have some sort of adventure, or head out on stage for a show.Here's what it would look like on a shirt.

I also used one of my previous Muppet designs that I entered just for fun.
Stay tuned, I've got more Muppety news tomorrow!

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