Sunday, August 19, 2012

Henson/Talenthouse Fraggle Rock art competition: Feedback.

Voting is still open for the Jim Henson Company Fraggle Rock art competition at Talenthouse. Over the past few days, I've shared the process in creating my entry. You can check it out on the posts below.

As of today, Sunday Aug 19th, I have 103 votes and remain as one of the top 50 entries. I have received a ton of positive feedback and there are a few notable fans that I'd like to acknowledge.

First of all, the great Muppet fansite Toughpigs has spotlighted my entry to be among one of their 50 favorite! Joe and the gang over at Toughpigs have always been hugely supportive, and it's my number one place to go for Muppet/Henson news and discussion. Check it out here:

I was elated when I saw that The Muppet Mindset (a fantastic Muppet fan blog) chose their top 10 entries in the Fraggle Rock art contest and I made the cut! I love the Muppet Mindset, Ryan's endorsement means the world to me. Here's the link to the blog entry

 You have less than 3 days to vote so please show your support for me at:

Don't forget, you can use BOTH your Twitter AND your Facebook accounts to vote. Let's keep me in the top 50!

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