Saturday, August 18, 2012

Talenthouse Fraggle Rock art contest: Layers in Color.

 I'm currently competing in the Fraggle Rock art contest at Talenthouse. The voting closes in a few days. As long as the contest has been open, I've been sharing my process in creating my entry. Yesterday I posted the final inks, today I'll show you the separate layers in color.

I used a program called Vector Magic to "tighten" my line work. It also makes the line work infinitely scalable. For the most part, I was able to paintbucket the characters in Photoshop when it came to the coloring stage. Here's the top layer, the 5 main Fraggles:

Here are the Gorgs in color:

 This is the first half of the middle layer:

...and the second half.

With the characters composited, there was one final step. I needed a background to unify them. I repeated the shapes of each of the individual "rings" in different colors to create a look similar to that seen in a kaleidoscope or on a tie-dyed t-shirt.
Once again, the final piece:
So that's how the artwork was created.

The voting is still open, and of over 500 entries, I'm holding steady in the top 50. I would appreciate any support you can give me, so please vote for me at  Remember, you can vote with both your Facebook account AND your Twitter account. Thank you!

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