Friday, October 22, 2010

Sketchbook guy: Ol' Hippie

I keep a stack of old paper by my computer to occupy me while I'm on the phone, or waiting for files to load. I just sketch randomly and let my pen wander. Usually they're nothing very interesting, but one of my latest turned out pretty cool. I guess I started sketching Willie Nelson from memory but he evolved into something different, a kind of aging hippie.


Paula said...

Looks a bit like Mr. Plo!

Russ (Hogwash) said...

It sort of looks like a young George Carlin. Cool none the less.

Kenny Durkin said...

Paula- It does look a bit like Jack Plovanich! I really miss him. My first book wouldn't have been possible without him.

Russ- Definitely some Carlin in him. Another guy I miss. I should really do a proper caricature of him.