Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What are these "scraps" exactly?

From time to time, I post what I call scraps. Quite simply, they are small, quick, stream-of-conciousness sketches that I've done and post on the blog.
I plan to compile them into a book to be released some time next year. Someone asked me how big each sketch is. I prefer to work small, usually in the margins of paper or on whatever blank space is available. As you see by this example, the average scrap is not that big at all.
To see all the scraps I've posted so far, click the scraps button on the right.

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Sam Day said...

Hey! Really enjoying your blog. Excellent characters on these 'scraps', Kenny. I see you draw them pretty small - so what are you inking and colouring them with? Is it just a fine liner or something special. I notice on a lot of them you have some nice varying line width.

Kenny Durkin said...

Thanks! The pens I normally use are Japanese calligraphy pens. I order them from The regular pen is grey in color and the fine tip is blue (the pen itself, not the ink). It is full of Japanese lettering save one word in English "Zebra".