Thursday, April 07, 2011

Steve Hearn's Sketch Club: Hands

My good friend (and International Society of Caricature Artists President) Steve Hearn has created a new feature on his blog called "Sketch Club".  Each week, he posts a new subject and encourages artists to interpret the subject in their sketches. He then collects and posts them on his blog. The purpose is to provide feedback, support and comments in an effort to grow and learn as an artist.

Last week, the first subject of Sketch Club was "Hands". Steve posted two photographs of hands, and our goal was to sketch them.
 I spent about 5 minutes on each hand. I've been drawing cartoony for so long, and it was a fun challenge to return to more "realism".  It took me back to the life drawing classes I took in college.

Judging by my sketches, I definitely need to work on my anatomical study. But I liked the exercise, and I can't wait for tomorrow's post on Steve's blog to see what the next sketch is going to be! Check out Steve's blog here.

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Steve Hearn said...

Thank You Kenny for taking part and also posting here as well, I really appreciate your help! Needless to say I am missing Clermont and Orlando like crazy and have you all in my thoughts everyday!