Friday, July 08, 2011

It's Geeky Friday

I'm starting a new feature on the Durkinworks Blog, it's called "Geeky Friday".

(can you identify where each of the letters in the Geeky Friday logo came from?)

Every Friday I will be showcasing some geeky aspect of my life. It could be a segment of my collection, reviews and commentary of movies or television shows I've seen or even guest spots by other geeks.

I've already shown my Muppets collection, but I've added the Geeky Friday label to that particular post so you can reference it in the future.

So be sure to stop by the blog every Friday for GEEKY FRIDAY!


jigsawtooth said...

The "R" and 2nd "Y" are easy (star wars & disney). I would swear that Y was from Pokemon but it has no Y in it! I think the "K" is from Mattel's Ken Doll :)

Ilea said...

I won't re-say what jigsawtooth said since they were correct. The 2nd "E" is from Wall-E, the 1st "Y" is from Toy Story, the "I" is The Incredibles, and the "A" is DuckTales. I KNOW I've seen the "F" but can't place it. Will you reveal where they came from at some point?

Kenny Durkin said...

I'll give people a little more time to figure it out, and then I'll let you all know the answers.

Sam Day said...

I'll concur with the above and go with The D from 'Dark Crystal'. The F from 'Futurama'.

Great game!

Sam Day said...

Also the G may appear elsewhere but it looks to me like the G from the Gorillaz logo. The UK (animated) band: