Monday, July 25, 2011

Jett's Swim Class.

For the past few months, Jett's been going to swim class. To say it's been a challenge would be an understatement.


Amy Janicki said...

Hi Kenny and Andi,
We have been taking Andrew to swim lessons for about a month now, and he has yet to not cry throughout the lesson. Although I don't think he is hysterical or anything; it just seems to be his way of complaining about doing some very hard work. The teacher has him floating on his back now without assistance, and he is making progress with turning from belly to back. It is pretty amazing!

Kenny Durkin said...

Way to go Andrew!

I only went to Jett's first class.

The swim instructor's technique involves repeatedly plopping Jett in the water and saving him from drowning as he cries and chokes. A primordial instinct to protect my offspring came over me as I watched this horror show unfold the first day, and it took every ounce of restraint to keep me from jumping out of the resin chair I was sitting on and beating the instructor senseless with it. I've stayed home or in the car ever since.

jigsawtooth said...

hahah aww poor jett! I love the cartoon though.

Cary Bivins said...

EXCELLENT...Love this!