Sunday, July 31, 2011

Test monsters

I've always loved painting, especially watercolor painting. My retail caricatures are all colored with watercolors. I do a bit of a different technique with those however, I use the paint to fill in the areas between the lines that I've already drawn in marker, like a coloring book.

I have tons of ideas for new paintings and I want to play around with watercolor techniques I haven't done in a while. The paintings I have in mind require a softer, more textural feel, while still being cartoony. I decided to experiment with a few little monsters.
I sketched them out lightly in pencil first and then colored them in with the watercolors. I then went over the top of them here and there with markers just to accent them. I like the result, and I think it's going to look great for what I have in mind...


Kelly Gannon said...

These are just fantastic Kenny! Such a great imagination!

Sam Day said...

These look fantastic!