Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jett at 17 months

On July 25, Jett turned 17 months old (or as I like to call it, a year and five months). He's teething like crazy! A ton of teeth are coming in all at the same time. He's been pulling himself to stand for a while and is even trying to walk on his own. He's also a non-stop talker, his latest words have been "wood", "that", "Jett", "ace", "tractor" "arches" and "huge".

He also LOVES to read.As part of his therapy, about a year ago we had these words made up. We have at least 125 of them. We use them as "flash cards" and he's absolutely obsessed with them.

He's such a spirited little boy. Look at all of those teeth. GO JETT!

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Andi Durkin said...

That's just about the cutest baby I've ever seen!