Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jett and Magnadoodle.

I think Jett's favorite toy is his Magnadoodle. Imagine the focus it takes to create this:He must have sat for about 20 minutes working on this masterpiece. No easy task for an 18 month old!Hey, get your foot out of there!

The Magnadoodle has also been a very useful tool in his development. These next videos show how Jett is able to recognize certain words.

This first video shows me writing the word "good". Listen closely and you'll hear Jett recognize the word and say it.

In this second video, I write the word "clap". You see Jett's immediate response. Then I write the word "kiss" and he kisses me.

He knows other words too, like hair, foot, whoosh, nose, daddy, Jett and more. He seems to learn at least one new word every day!

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Beeka said...

Very impressive Jett!