Sunday, September 18, 2011

My favorite store

I'm still up Wisconsin for a few more days, and having a great time visiting with family and friends.
One of the stores I try to visit every time I come up to Wisconsin is a place called

American Science and Surplus.

It's an amazing store full of educational, scientific, military, and novelty surplus items. Every time I visit, there are crazy new things in stock. Yesterday they were having a tent sale, so we absolutely HAD to check it out. Here's just a sample of all the unusual items for purchase.

Real police helmets, an entire box of them. They had gas masks for sale as well.

Stylish Moustaches and Stylish Moustaches for Girls!

Tons of assorted caution tape. I fought every urge to buy some and put up when I do live caricatures to keep people from getting too close and breathing down my neck.

Gnome soap on a rope.

Bacon Band-aids and rubber chickens.

We spent several hours going up and down each aisle, filling our baskets with things we had to have (and things we didn't know we had to have). Jett was relatively patient, but eventually tired of being carried and wanted to crawl around for a while.

Of course, being the obsessive reader he is, he went straight for the gigantic blue lettering on the floor...

...and headed toward the books.

When all was said and done, we left with two bags full of stuff. I got some nice cheap sketchbooks, paintbrushes, colored pencils and lots and lots of wonderful junk. Now, to figure out how to get it all back to Florida...

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RichMahogany said...

Oh my...I very much want to go here and buy all kinds of things I don't need!