Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jett reading!

Jett loves words. If you happen to be wearing a shirt with words (especially red ones) he points to them and demands that you read the words over and over. If he sees a book, he attacks it, ripping it open and turning the pages, pointing to the words and pictures. Last night we took a video of him selecting one of his favorite books, Yip, Yap, Snap!

Notice how he turns the book the proper direction, opens the book to the title page and points to the words with his thumb. He even "reads" them out loud. When he gets to the main story, he starts with the page on the right, thinks for a few seconds, does a course correction and begins with the left page instead.
He's also having fun experimenting with the VOLUME OF HIS VOICE!

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Steve Hearn said...

Great to see Jett doing so well! Go Jett!