Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A few pics from yesterday.

 This is Jett at his Kindermusik class. He loved it!
Singing and dancing, playing instruments and tactile stimulation helps promote brain growth. Playing hide and seek is fun too
That evening, Andi and I volunteered at an event at the Hard Rock Cafe to promote World Down Syndrome Day. Our job was to facilitate the 50/50 raffle by selling raffle tickets.
 Kim Kardashian (whoever that is) was in attendance and Tommy Davidson did his stand up routine
 (note to Tommy: when telling jokes to a predominantly white crowd, it's likely your 20 minute comedy hunk about how bad white people dance isn't going to go over very well [it didn't]. Plus it's an easy, EASY joke. Try harder Tommy.)
We sold a lot of tickets. Most of the attendees were guys, so Andi fared way better than me. Later the headline act came out, Bret Michaels (from Poison and winner of the most recent Celebrity Apprentice).
The raffle was winding down, and our work was finished.
It felt good to give back to the DSFF, who have done so much for us. We plan on volunteering every chance that we can for them.
.Long day. Whew!

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