Monday, March 21, 2011

No time! NO TIME!!

There are busy days. Then there are very busy days. Occasionally there is the excruciatingly busy day. Today is that day.
We started this morning with Jett's Kindermusik class (pics coming soon) then to my bank then to lunch. We continued with my optometry appointment (going to get glasses and will need reading glasses in top of my contact lenses for close reading), then to the lab to get the first half of Jett's blood work done. Then it was back to Clermont to change and "re-stock" (and quickly enter this blog post) then down to grandma's place so she can watch Jett while we volunteer at a DS awareness event at the Hard Rock Universal. It should end around 11pm, which, after we pick up Jett, puts us home well after midnight. I'm not complaining, because tomorrow is going to be even busier. YIKES!

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